Executive Golf Lessons Weekends Only

California Bay Area Only

1hr golf lesson with 3 areas of focus long game, short game, mental.


It is $150 per hour paid at the checkout paid on venmo, paypal, check, or cash.


Booked your session here by contacting hello@blazingcrown.com

Software Contracting

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Get hired from a client based here in the United States

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Blazing Crown helps with financial payout transactions with United States Clients and overseas remote software engineers. So if you have clients here who want to pay you but are unable to. They can pay Blazing Crown LLC who will send funds monthly to you on PayPal.

Receive Funds On Platform Of Choice

Blazing Crown keeps 12% and send the rest to you.

Disclaimer: We file tax return based on our work together and you are responsible to manage funds for how your financial system works in your home country.

Customized Automation

What Is It?

We can make a done for you software automation. Basically think of any mundane routine manual business process you have. We can write custom code to save you time and money. For example maybe you have employees or virtual assistants doing tasks you could automate. This is the same technology used for trade bots, social media auto following but to another level to automate daily work activities as needed. While there is some limitations we can navigate a potential solution based on your specifications.

When It Is Useful

Work activities that you do manually in which you do in a routine that can be documented into a sequence of steps and automated.

How It Works

Communication: We need to understand the process you need automated to communicate with our developers.

Execution: A medium complexity sprint took between 30-45 days to complete the automation.

Pricing: We charge based on the specifications with a small maintenance fee.

Digital Marketing

What Is It?

We can setup ads on Google, YouTube, Meta/Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

When It Is Useful

If you have a business where you want to generate more visitors to your landing page or website from the internet and social media.

How It Works

Communication: We need to know more information about your industry to effectively communicate your offer and reach your target audience.


What Is It?

Graphics for logos, mobile app mockups, property architectural design.

When It Is Useful

When you need to bring a sketched idea into real life.

How It Works

We need a few questions answered to identify how we can be most effective in providing the right graphics for you.

Then we will send you th files and revise them based on your feedback.

Website Development

What Is It?

We will build you a custom Shopify store.

When It Is Useful

If you have a physical product that you want to sell online. If you are looking to setup a Print On Demand or Dropshipping site.

How It Works

We need a few questions answered then we can begin creating a website for you.